Thursday, 7 March 2013

Don't go to this

The trouble with vintage is: everyone knows the value of vintage. Demand is high and supply is...well, the scarcity of the stuff is the point. Digging in crates, trawling through charity shops and getting to the bottom of bargain basements is part of the appeal. The rarer is is, the more valuable; the more akin to junk, the more it is prized. Even Oxfam understands this, and has realised it can mark up a little to make more money (for famine relief, mainly, so that's ok). So, when you find out that an eccentric family, who have occupied several interesting houses in Paris, London and Yorkshire, will install their belongings in a small private front room in the heart of East London for five days and offer them for sale, that's the kinda thing you should totally keep to yourself. Definitely don't write a preview telling all and sundry about it; certainly don't include a map to the secret location. Damn – now, listen, keep this to yourselves, ok? 

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