Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grow Heathrow 3rd Birthday

From small acorns groweth mighty oaks: Grow Heathrow has been growing for three years now, and has indeed become a mighty, immovable Oak, laying down deep roots where otherwise might have been a third runway at Heathrow - and a whole heap of irreversable environmental damage. But the folks at Grow Heathrow aren't your average miserablist environmentalists – what's the point of saving the planet, if you can't have a big ass party to celebrate? That's why, on their third birthday, Grow Heathrow are putting on just such a (sustainable) shindig. They're inviting people onto their plot – a former waste ground and derelict nursery turned fertile and thriving market garden through their efforts – for a day of feasting, music, cake competitions, swap shops, arts and crafts, seed sewing, free yoga lessons and celebrations. Take along your friends and family – everyone's welcome – but don't be late: it starts at 1.27pm exactly...

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