Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grow Heathrow 3rd Birthday

From small acorns groweth mighty oaks: Grow Heathrow has been growing for three years now, and has indeed become a mighty, immovable Oak, laying down deep roots where otherwise might have been a third runway at Heathrow - and a whole heap of irreversable environmental damage. But the folks at Grow Heathrow aren't your average miserablist environmentalists – what's the point of saving the planet, if you can't have a big ass party to celebrate? That's why, on their third birthday, Grow Heathrow are putting on just such a (sustainable) shindig. They're inviting people onto their plot – a former waste ground and derelict nursery turned fertile and thriving market garden through their efforts – for a day of feasting, music, cake competitions, swap shops, arts and crafts, seed sewing, free yoga lessons and celebrations. Take along your friends and family – everyone's welcome – but don't be late: it starts at 1.27pm exactly...

Friday, 15 February 2013

Reclaim Love 10th Anniversary

Like all right-minded people, I'm anti-valentines. Obviously I am. But I'm also a little bit anti-anti-valentines: it just seems so cynical to declare all out war against amour. Money certainly cannot buy you love, but nobody likes a romance grinch. Well, if you're into eros but don't think it necessarily needs to be prettily packaged and delieved by a barber shop quartet, Reclaim Love is the perfect event for you. Every year on the nearest Saturday to Valentine's Day people all over the world gather to show their love in a non-commercial outpouring of emotion – music, face-paints, shared food, big smiles and free hugs take the place of cards and cut-flowers. This year is their tenth anniversary, so an extra special time to get down to the place it all began - the Eros statue in Picadilly Circus - join hands with a stranger and say: may all beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace. Aww... Vyvian Raoul