Friday, 18 January 2013

Waste of Space @ The 491

Richard Branson: scumbag

Joe Strummer, Damon Albarn, Annie Lennox, Vivienne Westwood, Robert Louis Stevenson and Richard Branson – all of them scumbag squatters at one time or another. And had the government's plans to criminalise squatting come in a little earlier, the world of music, fashion, poetry and, er, railways, may have been consequently bereft of their talent. Adrian Nettleship and Lisa Furness have seen this same dilemma played out with their local squatted art gallery, the 491 in Leytonstone. A community centre run by volunteers, with open access and regular classes for local people, that receives no government funding, its occupants are facing eviction. Waste of Space is an apt wedge behind the door, and one of the last opportunities for the public to experience arts at 491 - one last chance to visit this vibrant place...

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