Saturday, 2 June 2012

Alt J Live

If you've listened to an indie radio station for more than an hour in the past month, you will have heard Alt J's single, Breezeblocks. You'd be forgiven for having thought, initially, that its refrains of 'my love, my love, my lovely' made it a bit sickly sweet. But this song has layers: peel them back and you find it's simply sick – beautifully so. The love that lead singer Joe Newman sings of is a Patrick Bateman kind of a love – director Elis Bahl'saccompanying video could easily be a three-minute forty-seven second snippet of American Psycho. The vocals are just as deranged, just as twisted – the instruments just as sinister. Alt J have even been compared to Radiohead – which is both further testimony to their macabre pedigree and another excellent reason to watch them killing it on stage at Corsica Studios tonight…

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