Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Fully referenced...

The house we lived in on Manor Avenue had been left empty for four years. The property manager eventually relented to our being in occupation; we kept the house in a decent, lived-in state, allowed access, and would vacate on request.

When the couple that ultimately bought the house came to view it the estate agent was late, so we made them a cup of tea and showed them around. When they gave us notice that they'd like to move their family in, we moved out.

Mike Weatherley MP, a self-proclaimed leader of the fight to criminalise squatting, has said that the idea that 'squatters run around with a hoover before they leave is absurd' - this is exactly what we did when we left Manor Avenue. We left the place spotless, and ran our stuff across town in a Streetvan to an old technical school that had been empty for six years.

In case we ran into less understanding owners in future, our former property's new owner wrote us a reference:

"I am in the process of purchasing a house in Manor Avenue in Brockley which until last week was squatted in by Vyvian and a number of others.

During the purchase process I have visited the house a number of times to get trade quotes and take measurements.

I can confirm that the group living in the house were always polite and welcoming. There was never any problem with access. They took care of the property during their stay and did not cause damage or, as far as I am aware, any noise or nuisance to neighbours. In fact the immediate neighbours were on good terms with them. I understand from the current owner that they also paid all electricity bills during their stay.

When we asked the group to leave before the start of building work they vacated the property promptly and left it in a clean and tidy state."

Sadly he couldn't make our leaving party, because he couldn't get a babysitter. But lots of our other neighbours did, including the couple from next door, and another couple whose little kids played with Eva's doggies...

Someone else came to the party, and took lots of pictures. You can have a look around our house at this very clever website: Portrait of a Squat.

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