Friday, 3 February 2012

Religion for atheists

If God really is dead, he's having one heck of a wake. Our world remains one dominated by his doctrines, still watched over by his sleepy spires; although many of us may no longer be listening, his Word can be heard everywhere. But there's a very good reason for this: fictional he may be, but some of his ideas were half sensible. You don't need to believe in the holy ghost to see that the best bits of the bible offer some good guidelines for successful living. Nevermind Occupy, his magical son, Jesus, was the original revolutionary socialist; we might not be facing economic Armageddon had we turned the tables on a few of our modern money lenders. At this free LSE lecture, Alain de Botton takes us through some of the sensible bits, and tells us that religion is neither all true or all nonsense - that you have to dismiss neither Darwin nor Dawkins to get down with the word of God…

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