Friday, 20 January 2012


'A man without childishness is a monster’, said that well known purveyor of all things joyous, Friedrich Wilheim Nietzsche. And he wasn’t wrong: if you’re not instantly overcome by the cuteness of this collaboration, if your legs don’t go all gooey over the out and out loveliness of it all, it’s possible you should think about investing in a SAD lamp. For, the Raarr! exhibition at The Book Club is cuter than a pale full of kittens: liccle kiddiewinkles have been let loose with felt tips on the half finished - headless or faceless - animal designs of twenty top illustrators. What’s more, all the exhibition proceeds go to the NSPCC - key-yute. Pass me the bucket, I think going to vomit – in a totally joyous way, of course…

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