Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Haircut Before the Party...

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever..."

...or at least until it grows out. The Haircut Before the Party is indeed a thing of beauty, and although the ideas behind it, its ethos, will live on, it closes its doors for free haircuts next week.

That ethos is a sort of 'the best things in life are free' type vibe. Its totally talented hair-tailors, Richard and Lewis, started out cutting hair for their mates; as he's cutting and crafting my hair back from simply shabby to shabby-mohawk, Richard tells me that it started as a self-sufficiency thing. Not wanting to hand over his hard earned to a hairdresser, who was invariably unwilling or unable to recreate exactly what he wanted anyway, he did it himself. Then a few brave friends ("they were very brave") friends stepped-up and sat down in what was to become his salon chair

That salon chair is now a fully fledged project funded by Arts Admin who pay the rent on their Toynbee St chop-shop-come-art-space. But it retains the ideals of freedom and friendship: in return for having your barnet beautified (and the results really are beautiful), the cuttee is encouraged to engage in an exchange of ideas. Y'know, conversation, chit-chat, that kinda thing

Cuts are offered for free to explore other potential values within the exchange and the salon environment when financial transactions are removed. The hair is cut as a gesture of friendship, in a similar way to how people have their hair cut by friends or family at home.

But before they down hair tools, the boys are putting on a series of events to say thank you and goodnight to their little palace of gratis. And, of course, after six-months of haircuts, they're due a bit of aparty themselves...

You've still got time to book an appointment: fill out an appointment form or try emailing them at (their phone got nicked recently by 'some cheeky kids')

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