Sunday, 9 October 2011

Soho, hobo or boho?

"Any good mixer of convivial habits considers he has a right to be called a Bohemian. But that is not a valid claim. There are two elements, at least, that are essential to Bohemianism. The first is devotion or addiction to one or more of the Seven Arts; the other is poverty. Other factors suggest themselves: for instance, I like to think of my Bohemians as young, as radical in their outlook on art and life; as unconventional, and, though this is debatable, as dwellers in a city large enough to have the somewhat cruel atmosphere of all great cities..."

George Sterling – 1904

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  1. So what does it mean if you have experienced poverty for 18 years and yet find yourself creating art with some of the most talented people on the planet? Because I'd like to know....