Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cut cut copy shop @ Occupy LSX

Cut cut copy shop - for a new wor(l)d order...

Sunday 6 November @ Tent City University, St Paul's

Delaina Haslam and Vyvian Raoul encourage word fans to come down and take part in this conceptual writing experiment, in the inspirational environs of Tent City University, St Paul's.

Conceptual writing is the art of taking that which has been written before - whether a paragraph, a sentence or a word - and, out of it, creating something new. We're swiping sections from various tracts that have hitherto tried to describe or determine society - from Dawkins to Deuteronomy, Marx to Milton Friedman. Nothing is sacred, everything is up for grabs.

When a choice passage is spotted, it will be typed up on the Olivetti, cut out and added to the drawing board. Here we'll rearrange, reconfigure and reframe; collectively create a new tract, which will be our story of society.

Collaboration is joy; better wor(l)ds are possible…

Conceptual writing definition

Kenneth Goldsmith interview

Time: 12pm-6pm

Place: Tent City University, St Paul's.

Bring: a text of your choice connected in some way to OccupyLSX or the larger occupy movement.

Words wishlist:

Milton Friedman's 1969 nobel prize for economics lecture

The Road to Serfdom, FA Hayek

Various Marx

Any Orwell

Religious texts and philosophy

A hymn sheet from St Paul's

FTSE 500 company literature (e.g. Goldman Sachs' corporate responsibility report)

Newspaper reports, of all political persuasions, about Occupy LSX

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