Thursday, 25 August 2011

Urban Nerds Carnival

Yes yes, yo: it's carnival weekend. And what do we do on the auspicious occasion that is the combination of an extra day off and carnival weekend? Why, we get extra messed up on Saturday night and chill out with reggae and sunshine at Notting Hill for the rest of it. Here is easily the best way to get messed up on this special bank holiday weekend Saturday night - Urban Nerds, of course. They sell out for many a reason, but notoriously dope line ups is an important one. This one has got 'carnival' 'warm-up' and 'special' written all over it: it's the usual big bass party mash up in the main room, while Reggae Roast keep everything sizzlin' in room 2. This is not Notting Hill, this is Notting ill: the storm before the calm...

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