Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I got a video from currys in a riot...

...some people wanna quiet me. Analysis of the London riots by the medium of, erm, London Possee's Money Mad.

“In London the robbin’ is coming like a fashion”

The riots have been picked apart and pored over from every angle imaginable; from molotov cocktail lobbing mobs to an impromptu broom-wielding clean-up army, blitzed from both sides, London’s seen the lot. But no one’s done any proper musical analysis at all. Which is weird, because way back in ’88, London Posse, the sickest of soothsayers, explained exactly what’s going on.

“Live in a ghetto not in a society. It’s getting rougher, the youths are turning ragga.”

See, Rodney P realised that if you’re set apart from society, excluded, there’s much less incentive to follow its laws. And the constant bombardment of unachievable exhortations to buy is worse now that it was in 1988. The combination is likely to cause a lot of tension, and in the plate tectonics of society, something always gives.

“…the beast, or I should I say policeman and his truncheon? See a black man, nick him, put him in a call and punch him. Them kind a ting that make a youths resort to riots…”

The motive’s mostly been forgotten, but alleged police brutality – the classic hip-hop motif – was the spark that ignited the flame. Now it’s descended to violence and looting for its own sake. But whether it’s the greed that continues to cause people to covet the “adidas or Reebok trainer”, or the greed that presides over the greatest poverty gap since the Victorian era, it’s all part of what London Posse called money madness.

“You’re asking me, it’s a type a anarchy…”

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