Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Frontline club @ Royal Institution...

The anniversary is swift approaching. The day we all get to look back on ten years of madness and high-tech war, and go: ‘what…the….f*ckwasallthatabout?’ It was always an intangible war (what does terror look like? Where can we forward his post?) with some horribly tangible consequences, the worst of which have been reserved for some of the poorest people on the planet. Trying to make sense of the since-911-world is this Frontline Club special at the Royal Institution. Sadly, it seems we can’t quite look back knowing that what lies ahead is shaping up much better – what does our past say about our future as Orwell’s perpetual war trundles on? There’s nobody better to ask these questions than the always excellent, always objective, Frontline Club – because only by having an honest history can we honestly shape our future…

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  1. Here's a view on the reasons for these 'wars'.

    When you filter out the noise, a lot of global machinations can be understood in terms of the relationship between 3 things, the father, son and holy ghost of economics; oil, the dollar and gold.