Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dead Space Festival

The thing about space is, if it’s not used it begins seize up and, eventually, rigor mortis sets in. Every time space hears someone say they don’t believe in it, it moves a little closer to croaking. But belief in space can be magical; a little faith in real estate can make everyone connected to it fly. Sending it soaring this Saturday is the Dead Space festival, which turns an unloved and unused area from wasted wasteland to getting wasted wonderland. While some festivals revel in their location, are resplendent in stone circles and woodland, Dead Space makes a virtue of its shabby chic by turning a neglected nook behind a curry shop on Brick lane into a place for people to gather and listen to music. Not only will the empty yard be filled by rock n roll, punk and new wave bands, but all proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Society – converting this Brick Lane badland squarely to good…

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