Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rap Party

Rap music: aggressive assassinations, guns, drugs, violence, sex - is that all rap is about?” asked DJ Shadow, by way of a rhetorical sample, way back in ’93. A question that needed to be asked because of the wealth of bling-toting yahoos, get-rich-quick-artists and unscrupulous money-men mis-representin’. Rap has always been about protest, civic pride and positive change – even if it pulls no punches. So no better way to kick off the Southbank’s Intelligent Movement than with the R.A.P. Party: an evening of nostalgic, hip-hop inspired poems, from some of the best spokenwordists on the scene, and DJs dropping the dopest beats from back in the day. “ ‘Cos you know it ain’t all about wealth, as long as you make a note to express yourself…"

Charlie Dark, representin for the R.A.P. Party.

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