Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Portait of a squat...

One day Adrian came to our cinema. During the interval he got chatting to some of the occupants of the Picturehouse and asked if he could come round and take some photos one time - he's a photographer, see? One time became a two month project in which he meticulously photographed and recorded the entire vast property, eventually turning it into a website. A project that became as alive as the house was. Here are a few sample shots:

Yes, we have electricity. And running water.

See what I did there?

'Polite line: do not get cross'

This used to be boarded up, now it's fully floral

The floor: a handy repository for bottoms and books alike.

Light tricks in the basement

Not only is he totally handy with a camera, he's also extremely gentle - and interested, as well as interesting - so we were always pleased to have him round. Have a look at the full site, it's quite something. Saul's speech is my favourite, see if you can find it:

Portrait of a Squat

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