Friday, 27 May 2011

Slipstream @ Peckham Space

Ah, Peckham. Unless you live there, that word instantly evokes images of high-rise council flats, shit new (in the 70s) build pubs and Del Boy, in a shit sheepskin-coat, flogging shit on the street. That or knife crime, lots and lots of knife crime; Dodgy with a capital D, whichever way you look at it. But this is not the reality, this is just an easy evocation: take another look, a look from above. In Slipstream, David Cotterell maps Peckham from the air with a miniature helicopter, uncovering the area’s hidden stories. A bit like Google earth, but - in every sense of the word - with more focus. Presented as a two screen installation, Slipstream records memories of local residents on one, and follows them from above on the other. No better way to take a tour than with a local, no better way to see earth than from the air…

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