Monday, 9 May 2011

Modern Neon Lights

Simon Tyszko is mischief maker number one. When he’s not making a criminal of those that buy his art by working in cocaine, he’s spending six months installing a full sized Dakota wing in his fifth floor Fulham council flat. When confronted with the awesome, silent power of an enormous Icelandic glacier, Simon felt the natural thing to do was strip butt-naked, throw a Molotov cocktail at it and take a picture. Modern Neon Lights brings all this bad craziness under one roof, in what ‘might be best described as a vast, incandescently coloured turmoil’ (it’s not just neons, oh no). And what a roof: Mol’s Place is the home and occasional exhibition space of Jan Mol, Dutch art collector extraordinaire; hidden behind the Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, we can say his pad is plush. Drop them a line, mention the mischief maker and tune yourself in to the turmoil…

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