Monday, 9 May 2011 Sprung.

‘More of a fruit salad than a hairdressers’, sometimes it’s an art gallery, sometimes it’s a legendary speakeasy style pARTy place. It’s whatever Michael Ptootch has going on in his brainbox, and boy has he got a lot going on. This time it’s a pop-down restaurant: two nights of serious eating, drinking and bohemian dancing out the back of his Kentish Town kingdom. The serious eating comes courtesy of the Oliver Rowe BBC’s and some extra special spit-roasted meats. The ‘highly-attentive waiters’ are also musicians (natch), and will be providing sporadic performances whilst you enjoy said eating. And once you’ve munched your way through three courses and specially selected booze accompaniments, Patrick Forge will be playing balmy beats until the very small hours. Sort of secretive, somewhat schizophrenic, sure to be sensational…

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