Friday, 20 May 2011

8 minutes to change the world...

“They’re fishing in the right pond, but they’re not using the right bait…”

Max Keiser

UK Uncut has become a force to be reckoned with in British politics over the passed six months or so; of the plethora of Con-Dem opposition groups, it's the organisation most to be admired for its gains in such a relatively short time. They're on the up and up.

Sadly, Top Shop's share price is also up since October. Sure, you might argue that it hasn't gone up as much as it would have otherwise, but as long as it is going up, Sir Phillip Green is laughing all the way to the south of France.

Look, I'm just a two-bit punk whose best instinct is to smash windows. I didn't conceive of this, it's not an original idea; I just think it's a good one, and that lots of people should hear it. So, no more ado, over to Max:

8 minutes to change the world

You don't need a degree in economics to understand it, but these are the three main points to take from these 8 minutes:

• Share price is all that counts, nothing else matters. It certainly doesn't to the company, and so it shouldn't to us. Share price is the company's soul: only by piercing it with a big fat stake can we turn it to dust.

• If a fund manager advises their clients to invest in a company that we're targeting, they're breaking the law. The actual law. If we write to them, pointing this out, they're bang to rights.

• Imagine a world without McDonalds. If this tactic had been employed, that nutrition terrorist would no longer exist.

Otherwise it’s like going to war with a slingshot: we may be chock full of killer instinct, fairly filled to the brim with bravery, but we’re going to get turned back by their tanks every time. Indeed, it may even be a bad idea to send wave after wave of occupiers into the high street, knowing full well that they’re going to get mown down, Fortnum and Masons-style. Something needs to cover their ass.

Let’s stop throwing stones at their windows and bring in the bulldozers. Are you really ready for that? This is about changing the world, not where you shop. Currently we all live on the Death Star, so some people are understandably nervous about blowing it up. But until we do, the Empire will keep striking back.

Remember: the goal is zero!

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