Thursday, 7 April 2011

It's Your Write @ Papered Parlour

'Dude, this show was pretty much tailor-made for you’, went the email I received a few weeks ago from a very clever friend. Ah, she knows me so well. It would have been the fantastic writing pun in the title that gave her the first inklings I'd be in to it. Next, probably the Stop the War contingent, Chris Nineham and Lindsey German, representing in the line up. Then she'd have noticed Shiv Malik, Guardian journalist and author of The Jilted Generation, a book I've recently enjoyed. No doubt she will have spotted that UK Uncut, heroes of the revolution and all round stand up chaps, were giving a talk - she knows I like them. From Peter Kennard to having my say on Will's and Kate's big day (grrr), there's basically not a single thing on the line up I don't want to see or do. Hey, if the show fits, and fits so Saville Row, what choice do I have but to wear it?

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