Friday, 8 April 2011

The Aldous Huxley fine wine and chit-chat party @ Really Free School

Thursday 14th - 8pm-9.30pm

Aldous Huxley’s 1961 recording ‘Speaking Personally’ (90mins)

Bring a bottle (home-brew and shoplifted spirits welcome), sit back, relax and take in this incredible recording, in which Aldous holds forth on a broad range of subjects – from Freud to mysticism to mescaline munching as ego repression. Some of it is slightly ridiculous; most of it is utterly sublime. Deep calm - both outer and inner - is what we aim for.

Track listing:

On choice of writing as career
On the handicap [sic] of bad eyesight
On early friends and influences
On psychology
On Freud
On Schweitzer/Philosophy
On D.H. Lawrence
On mysticism, religion, Zen, "the supernatural"
On dealing with man's irrational drives
On the devils of loudon, on historical/philosophical writing, on California, on lecturing, on the Menninger Foundation, on treatment of diseases, on psychedelic drugs

"The interview took place in the London summer - two long afternoons, punctuated by tea and sherry, in Aldous' sitting-room with the view of the trees in Ennismore Gardens. The range of subjects was very wide. Aldous, as the case might be, responded to his interviewer, side-stepped or expanded. The great point of it all is that it has left us with such a characteristic record not only of Aldous' thought but of Aldous' way of expressing it; more spontaneous, more informal than his writing, more informal still than his lectures and broadcasts - there was no time limit, no audience ... This record comes as near as anything to the way Aldous talked to his friends. This was his conversation."

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