Sunday, 6 March 2011

That Thing by Those Kids: a Process...

We came, we saw, we clicked and we clacked. This is the result of Writers' Room II - over 8 hours of collaboration between more than 24 writers, which took place at the Really Free School on Sunday 27th February.

Eventually it ran to 11 pages, spewed out of the Valentine and sellotaped along the bar, and we went way beyond our scheduled 8pm finish time, ending (sort of) after 10pm. The main themes seem to be cheesecake, mischief and rampant creativity.

The finished article can be seen here in it's original format, and here as a fully transcribed word document.

As well as writing, Simon captured the whole thing beautifully on his Nikon, and also recorded the sing song sonics of the qwerty keys clacking home. Some beautiful pictures and sounds here.

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