Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Writers' Room: a sequel...

Taking place at the latest incarnation of the Really Free School, (The Black Horse, 6 Rathbone Place), we're proud to present a collaborative writing party...

If you'd like to book a twenty minute slot on the schedule, contact to check availability. Entries so far range from published authors to rank hobbyists so it should be fun.

Here’s the deal:

We’re writing a collaborative piece. Each writer has twenty minutes of an eight hour total time slot.

You’re allowed to see what has been before and you’re certainly allowed to imagine what might come next.

It is being typewritten (for a greater connection to the words: key, arm, letter, life) but at the end it will all be lashed together, in a very loose electronic editing process.

Here are some guidelines:

Let go of your ego. By its very nature, what is written will never be nominated for any prizes. The process is the prize.

‘Artists are composed of vanity, indolence and self-regard. Work blocks are caused by the swelling up of the ego of one or all of these fronts. Tell your ego to go to hell and not make a misery of what should essentially be fun, joy...’

Own your section entirely and absolutely; but be aware that it is a part of something larger.

Respect all who are connected to your section, both before and after; you owe it to them to do this with joy in your heart. You’ve only got twenty short minutes. Time stands watch, willing you not to waste it - don’t.

The Valentine has been chosen to deny dithering; there is no backspace on the wheel of life. And, heck, who knows, maybe some of her beauty will rub off on our writings.

Fuck beginnings, middles and ends; we end when time is up or there is no-one left to write. We do not wish denigrate structure per se, but today it has no place...

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