Friday, 18 February 2011


You may not expect to be impressed by a room above a pub selling burgers . Walking through the door, however, is a bit like taking a wrong turn in Q’s laboratory: I did not anticipate the culinary chaos that would greet me. The volunteer waiting staff are under no small amount of pressure, but the system is simple (ish): you take a raffle ticket; you head to the bar to wait for what they assure you will be an hour, but on Saturday night at 7pm is more like two; you don’t really mind this wait because of the quality of the cocktails served by a Mexican in a Mexican wrestler’s mask; your number is called and you’re allowed to order up to three items; you’re surprised that there’s a vegetarian option; you wait some more; your food comes; and you know that this bovine did not end up as beef in vain...

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