Monday, 24 January 2011

Not my house: the People's Picturehouse...

People's Picturehouse

Times may be tough, but expression will always find a way. Piercing through the iron curtain of economic gloom, it pops up, often in unexpected ways (often all the more joyful for its unplanned nature). The People’s Picturehouse is one such way: an impromptu cinema run out of the bar/ballroom of an old serviceman’s club, by the USC Squat Crew. Think Secret Cinema, only more squatty and less 15 quid; they’ve no right to charge for the space, so their screenings are always free (a refreshing release, no?). Classy cocktails and sumptuous snacks are the order of the day, and when the documentaries are done the drinking will go on deep into the evening...

Places are limited and allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis. Email People’s Picturehouse for guestlist and address details.

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