Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nozzle Know-How

To quote Banksy, the would be godfather of 21st Century graffiti, ‘so many people are willing to die for their art; so few are willing to learn how to draw.’ Yes indeed, who has not dreamt about stalking the streets of the East End under the cover of darkness and making their mark with a can of paint, but stayed at home for want of actual artistic ability? See, the trouble with tagging is that you can’t really practice at home (tried it once, landlord not impressed) before busting out on a bigger canvas/underpass/tube carriage. Well, to give you that much needed nozzle know-how, to fill you in on filling in, street artist Andy Seize is giving lessons. And, even if you’ve never picked up a paint can, don’t know your ear’ole from your aerosol, in just a few short hours he promises to turn you into a veritable Van Gogh of vandalism…

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