Tuesday, 15 June 2010

We, erm, won?

Perhaps it was something to do with the warm glow of mutual appreciation still smouldering in the hearts of Clegg and Cameron, but when they woke up on the morning after their great union was formed, they did something unexpectedly, well, nice. They did something the previous government wouldn’t, or couldn’t, and said balls to big business by scrapping the third runway at Heathrow. Cut to cartoon critters cheering, angry men in suits shaking their fists and confused looking hippies; not least because the Greenpeace Architecture Competition, to find a design worthy of occupying the site, has now been rendered slightly redundant. Not that they’re in any way bothered, they won after all, and an exhibition of all the entries is going ahead as planned. So you can still see what might have been, but thanks – weirdly enough - to Cleggeron, never will…


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