Monday, 1 March 2010

Finley Quaye @ The Rainbow

‘Can you hear the voice?’ We certainly can Mr. Quaye, and t’is irie indeed. The mouth is moving but the sound comes from somewhere deeper. Finley and his band are so primed these days that when someone shouts for Ultra Stimulation it is met with, ‘yes, Ultra!’ - they launch straight into it and the skankin’ begins. So much for set lists.

The more cynical might fancy this frenzy was due as much to the several spliffs he smoked during his set as any summoning of the spirit. Whilst it’s easy for the crowd to have a good time if those on stage are too, the downside of this excess of enjoyment was some slightly shaky moments, not least forgetting the words to his biggest hit, Sunday Shining.

But then Finley is a bit like Becks; his left foot may be a bit hit or miss these days, he may even have lost a yard or so of pace, but you’d always be happy to have him lead your team out. Just for the heart, which is channelled like a lion…

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