Monday, 1 March 2010

Beth Jeans Houghton and Stornoway @ The Glee Club

Tonight was the Twisted Folk Tour and presumably by ‘’Twisted the promoters mean not very Folky at all, actually. Beth Jeans Houghton came out first in a wig that put Lady Gaga’s previous night’s Brits barnet to shame, and a super sparkly spandex dress that would have beardy old men tutting into their stout. Still, folk or freak she has an immensely powerful voice – which comes on something like a slightly Geordie Dolores O Riorden - to say nothing of sass by the bucketful. Backed up by her band, ‘The Hooves of Destiny’, we can say it’s cute.

Stornoway are less whiskey in the jar, more a nice cup of tea in the good china; the type of band you’d take home to your mom; who then wouldn’t stop asking for months afterwards, ‘how are those nice Stornoway boys?’ They made BBC’s Pick of 2010 shortlist and I imagine they’ll get lots of airtime - mainly on Radio 2. But the boys clearly have bags of talent which is most obviously manifested when they go unplugged, stand in front of the monitors and sing their little hearts out. Two fingers up to autotune, this is showing your hand and laying your vocal chords on the line with swagger. It certainly has everyone’s attention and, after all, isn’t getting your story across what Folk’s all about?

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