Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fyfe Dangerfield @ Glee Club

Poor Fyfe Dangerfield. On paper this was his night; debut solo album out today and a homecoming in the Glee Club, the audience all seated and expectant. This gig should have been the champagne against the bow of the good ship Fly Yellow Moon.

Any nerves were understandable therefore, as he tripped over the piano stool on his way onto stage before referencing his inability to find his guitar lead - ‘I’m supposed to be cool’. But he still had to answer the question on everybody’s lips; can he cut it without the rest of the Guillemots?

The first two songs certainly did, managing to have all the trademark melancholy without being dreary, and it was all going so well when he swapped acoustic to electric for Faster Than The Setting Sun. From here on in however, basically every song was plagued by technical problems.

But the boy is almost as humble as he is talented and has charm to spare; who could deny him some slack? What’s more, his voice alone can hold you hostage; he still has absolute pitch and that made the singles shine.

So his salvation was well deserved - and earned with a ukulele encore. The simplicity of the four-stringed instrument next to the soaring vocals of So Brand New was sublime and his redemption was made complete by finishing on a highly original version of Made Up Love Song #43; it sounded a little bit like a champagne bottle smashing…


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