Monday, 14 December 2009

White riot...

I just love it when something has been designed with a very specific purpose in mind but some brigand comes along and bastardises those original intentions. Think of the skaters at the South Bank; unexpected outcomes are often the most joyful. So how about a cinema in a former lap dancing club in Mayfair? The place is a palace, with poles, swings and shiny, shiny disco balls all still in situ; a large projection screen being the only non-original feature. Run by a vigilante squat crew of anarchists and artists known as the VHS Video Basement, to show solidarity with their comrades in Copenhagen, the new residents of the Puss in Boots Club are putting on a direct action double bill , followed by a discussion on violent resistance. The Battle of Algiers tells us it’s difficult to start a revolution, even more difficult to sustain one and still more difficult to win one; La Haine teaches that it’s not how you fall that matters but how you land; I say: I want a riot

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