Monday, 14 December 2009

Pop pickers...

The BBC’s Sound of the Year list is a very good guide to which artists are going to become annoying by the beginning of April, but it should by no means be considered an arbiter of taste. Apart from anything, the Corporation is responsible for about 80% of all radio output and it figures that the people picking the picks would also play them. Don’t get me wrong, I heart the BBC big time but it seems even they are not beyond the reach of the music industry mafia and their great rock n roll racket – that sonic scam. Which is why it’s so wonderful that a record label, of all people, would not only recommend other people’s artists but also leave loads of their own artists off their list of the top 60 albums of this year. Big. Of course, Rough Trade isn’t like other record labels, which is why they’re also offering free shots of Pimms whilst they play said albums every Thursday evening this month. It’s not quite Christmas without the commercialism but, hey, what’s more genuinely Christmassy than a good old fashioned drunk?

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  1. Christmas and Commercialism are not one of the same, they do not need to go hand in hand if we individually do not allow it. It is about the good will of people and a time in the year where, much like Rough Trade, we look out for each other and are much kinder than we are in the other 11 months of the year. We may be miles apart Viv but I will bite and still fight for the wonderment that is chirtsmas.