Thursday, 12 November 2009

A shared experience...

Much has changed in just a few days. And, ironically, it was this humble collection of words which was the catalyst.I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me but that would betray a deficiency of humour; I mean, really, who gets kicked out of a squat?

A couple of months ago I decided to join the Oubliette Arthouse Collective and, sometime between then and now, I decided to document the journey here. Dan knew that I wrote, although I hadn't actually told him it would take this form. For my part,I knew that Alex, who had introduced me to the group, had left following a disagreement with Dan over something he had written. I knew not the specifics and I didn't ask; I thought Alex's blogging was the precedent that meant I could too - as long as I watched my words.

Apparently not; I sent the blog to Dan, after just a few days of writing it, to a, see if there was anything I should avoid and b, see what he thought of it, y'know, get a little constructive criticism? It's safe to say he didn't like it one little bit. Not so much the content - although he didn't like that - but the fact that I hadn't told him about it.

The Oubliette is proud to oppose all forms of censorship; except, it seems, those inflicted by itself. The words had been overwhelmingly positive but, no matter, there had been words, and that was enough. I was admonished and dismissed - I felt like a child being smacked in the supermarket, completely unable to understand either crime or punishment.

In truth, it hurt; I felt dumped. I had grown attached to the group and to the project. Both \re highly ambitious and have the potential to change the way we view the arts, the importance to which we give creativity: perhaps even remind us that we were put on this planet to create. Although no longer a part of it, a part I shall always have been, and like all good alumni, I wish it well. I wrote earlier that if we are truly the sum of our experience then other people's experiences should be naught to us. This discounts a shared experience, of course, which leads, inevitably, to a shared life; a fact to which these words are a testement...

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