Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Overstanding is the Key...

They've gone over ground. Hung their banner over the side and said, 'we are here.' And some have seen, some have listened; page five of both the Lite and the Standard. I saw it when a friend text me asking, 'have you seen the Evening Standard?'; and I knew that I had already broken the first two rules of Squat Club. But what's the point of moving into a squat if you can't be the guy at the party that's moving into a squat? And, indeed, once you've been that guy, the path is set.

Managed to have a twenty minute conversation with Alain de Botton this afternoon and not embarass myself, which was the first encounter with him of the day from which I took heart. He perfromed a Philosophy Masterclass on the show later on this evening and answered questions and moral dilemas posed by the audience. More cynical people than myself might call it populist, I call it accessible and, therefore, very, very popular. It was one of those great radio moments, in which the connection being made all across the land is palabable, when, in dealing with the mid-life crisis, approaching the age of reason, he quoted Seneca, 'The thing we waste most is our lives.' You could almost hear a collective sigh over the waves.

And so I further took heart and sought to make the most of it with music. Passion Pit in the old Camden Palace with a genius designer friend of mine, Josh. Before that a pint and yet more philosophical enquiry in the Elephant's head, a real Rockers pub. A boozer, in fact. Sparks flying everywhere. And this is what I'm looking for; possibilities. New things to try, to continue my enquiries. It was Josh that bought up Down and Out in Paris and London and this made me think of my favourite quote, 'you have talked so often of going to the dogs and, well, here they are, and you can stand it. It takes of a lot of anxiety. ' The dogs are at the door and I'm about to let them in. And let them in I must, for I abhor waste...

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